why we’re here.

if you’re reading this it’s probably for one of the following reasons:

  1. you follow me on social media and saw the link
  2. you randomly stumbled across it
  3. you are a huge part of my life, so i sent you the link

regardless of why you’re here, i think you should stick around. and here’s why.

i used to think mental illness was a joke. in middle school i would roll my eyes when i heard about someone being depressed. i didn’t understand why someone would continue to be so sad. i mean, just get over it, right?


the problem with mental illness is how little people actually know about it. it’s a kind of purposeful ignorance. mental illness is hard to understand. it’s ugly, dark, and impossible to understand if you’ve never fought it yourself. so we avoid it.

and that, my dear friends, is why we are here. on this blog. right now.

my goal here is to shine a light on all of the dark corners of depression. and trust me, there’s many. if you’re depressed too, i hope that by reading this blog you know you’re not alone. if you’re not, i hope to help you understand what its like to serve in an invisible civil war.

depression varies so greatly from person to person that it would be impossible for me to describe the feelings of anyone else that suffers from it. so i won’t even try. instead i will write what i feel, with all the gruesome and personal details.

maybe this information will come in useful to you someday. maybe it will help you connect with someone that needs you. maybe some day it’ll even help save a life, whether it be yours or someone else’s.


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