what it isn’t.


(hint: this is not what depression looks like)

it’s hard to describe what depression and anxiety are. so i’ll start by telling you what they aren’t.

depression isn’t being sad. i’m not moping around because of any specific event or because of something someone said. i can’t “cheer up”, and no amount of wine, candy, and cliche quotes will make me feel better.

i don’t have a crappy attitude. if i was dyslexic you wouldn’t tell me to just read better. so telling me to suck it up is incredibly unhelpful.

anxiety isn’t stress. i’m not overwhelmed by my circumstances or feeling bogged down by responsibilities.

it sure as hell isn’t teenage angst. moody, sad teenagers are one thing. someone with messed up brain chemistry is another.

“just find the positives in life” well carol, if my serotonin levels were stable i’d be able to. but they aren’t. so i can’t. so please stop bringing it up.

“it could be worse” sure my dad doesn’t beat me, i don’t have cancer, and i’m alive. that doesn’t take away from the fact that i am in severe, debilitating pain every second of the day. when people are happy you don’t say “it could be better”, so we can all just stop comparing out situations to others and just take them for what they are.

depression is a complex, fickle entity that destroys everything it comes in contact with. so please, for both our sakes, stop telling me to perk up.

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