its been awhile. dog.

i haven’t posted in awhile and for that i apologize. sort of.

as any of you depressed people know, sometimes depression demands to take control.

so lets talk.

i got an emotional support animal on November 17th. it took months to find him and i’ve gotta say, it was worth the wait.

the requirements we looked for were as follows:

  • not small (small dogs make me anxious)
  • doesn’t bark much
  • is ok with cats
  • good with other dogs
  • not too energetic
  • no health problems
  • affectionate
  • 1 year or older

if you know anything about animals you know this is a tall order. especially because my family and i firmly believe in rescuing animals rather than going to a breeder. and let me tell ya. that process was gruesome.

each visit to the humane society (and there were many) resulted with me sobbing on the car ride home because i so badly wanted to adopt all the dogs at the facility. i find it hard to empathize with humans, but holy crap, those dogs deserve forever homes and to be loved so hard.

there’s an organization in ohio that specifically chooses dogs with personalities that would make great emotional support animals (which btw requires no training, just a letter from a psychologist). these dogs are trained to behave very well in society and be quite nonreactive. sounds perfect, right?


except for the small fact that each dog costs $3,500. which i do not have.

so that made up our minds – we’d have to rescue.

and then i found riley. my toddler. he is the love of my life.

having a furry friend makes it so much easier to fight depression. having someone (yes, dogs are people) by your side no matter what – that’s something to fight for. by creating a bond with your dog (being their sole caretaker) you’re able to have someone by your side that loves you. you can see it in their eyes.

if you’re even the slightest bit depressed, think about it. a cat, dog, hamster, fish, turkey, whatever kind of animal fits your lifestyle best. it helps, i promise.


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