a year ago today i was severely depressed, borderline suicidal, isolated, and destructive.

6 months ago i was severely depressed. i was a broken, bleeding mess of a girl. i was a zombie. a hollow shell of a someone that i used to be. i talked to no one. i could’t sleep without the aid of booze or weed. nightmares tormented me every night and most days i couldn’t get out of bed. even replying to a text was exhausting.

today i finished fall quarter at bellevue college. i got all a’s. i lead my digital marketing group to 400/400 on a huge marketing strategy we had been working on all quarter. i applied to bellevue’s nursing program.

i’ve survived.

sometimes its hard to see if progress has been made judging day-to-day. but if you look at where i am and where i used to be, the difference is astounding.

i’m proud of myself. and i’m not ashamed to say that. i’ve worked extremely hard to control my own life. i’ve worked tirelessly to have the upper-hand on my depression.

high-school me would be shocked by where i am now. but i’m so glad to be here.

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