entrees and side dishes.

if depression is the entree, the symptoms are the sides.

like with all illnesses, depression manifests differently depending on the individual. some have a few intense symptoms, some have a lot of mild symptoms, etc.

no two people experience depression in the same way.

it’s silly that depression is referred to as a “mental” illness, because all of the symptoms and causes are biological. physical.


i’m gonna talk a little bit about what i experienced.

fatigue. holy crap am i tired. all the time. even after sleeping for eleven hours i will still be tired.

lack of interest. its hard for me to be enthusiastic about things.

suicidal thoughts. duh.

irritability. the inability to communicate your feelings drives you insane.

sleep. at my peak (low?) depression i was able to take 3 naps a day and still be exhausted by 10 pm. but the newest symptom i’m facing due to my depression is insomnia. and i’m not talking “oh i sleep like five hours” or “oh it takes me like 30 minutes to fall asleep”.

i’m talking up until 3 am and then waking up at 5 ready to start the day.

i used to think people with insomnia just didn’t need sleep. boy was i wrong. i just feel the same exact level of exhausted all the time. its quite stressful actually.

to cope, which is something you may find useful as well, i’ve began to embrace my insomnia.

last night i purged my entire bedroom of things i no longer felt attached to.

the night before i read an entire novel.

i spent one night researching and developing a meal plan for my entire family.

the bright-side of insomnia is that you have lots of time to get things done.

so here’s to the night owls.

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