i know i focus mostly on depression. but i also suffer from an anxiety disorder as well as minor ptsd.

i chose to write about anxiety today; i think it’s something that more people can relate to.

anxiety is an infuriating disease. the smallest of things can put an unbearable amount of pressure on your chest. it manifests almost as a panic. an illogical feeling of doom and gloom and dread.

my anxiety frequently manifests over things i have no business being anxious about. example: i felt like crap on a day i had to go to a four hour lab. i was so worried about feeling terrible during my lab that i made myself feel even more terrible. and yes, even in a state of debilitating anxiety i understood the self-fulfilling prophecy. but it didn’t matter. because anxiety in it’s most basic form is irrational worrying/fretting.

it’s extremely difficult to console someone having an anxiety attack. showing them the fault in their thinking won’t make the panic stop. telling them to “quit stressing” will only make them feel more isolated. it’s best to just reaffirm your support and remind them that the feeling will pass.

anxiety can be terribly debilitating. with adrenaline pulsing through your veins you want nothing more than to make the feeling stop; it trumps all other motivations. oh, i have nursing lab today? too bad, i’m anxious. it’s my mom’s birthday? i won’t say anything, i’m too anxious to move. its brutal.

anxiety sucks because it can be difficult to treat. aside from practicing mindfulness, there is little you can do. i have a sedative for panic attacks, but then i pass out for eighteen hours. lose-lose.

moral of the story: anxiety sucks. knowing that your mind is tricking you into being in a poor mood is beyond obnoxious. but we power through, because what else can we do?

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