fighting a mental illness can be daunting. it’s exhausting and scary, it costs you things whether it be relationships or time. it’s not something to be taken lightly.

battling mental illness takes courage.

the question becomes: are we born with courage or are do we learn it?

i think part of it is in our personality. i’m naturally assertive and motivated, so my courage to heal came from (in part) my own personality. i like challenges.

but there are people fighting mental illness that don’t have a personality similar to mine. so what is it, then? how is it that people with more submissive personalities can heal from such a scorching disease?

it’s a courage that we learn. it’s something that we must adapt to have. this is where the idea of rock bottom comes in.

when you hit rock bottom you really cannot go any lower. maybe you haven’t hit this point yet, maybe you hit it awhile ago. but when you reach it, you know. the beauty of rock bottom is that it gives you a choice: stay or go. with our backs against the wall we learn how to be courageous.

by choosing to leave our rock bottoms we adapt to our tough situation. it is here that we learn the tools to fight and what it will really take to get better.

you might be wondering how fighting mental illness is something courageous. but having the ability to battle something intangible, dark, and bigger than you requires an immense amount of strength. in the face of the terrifying beast that is mental illness, we remain strong in order to survive.


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