it’s been a long time, guys.

the past few months have been spent growing, learning, changing, and giving thanks. since my first few days at seattle pacific university, a lot has changed.

i made friends. when i first came to spu, i was terrified that i wouldn’t know how to socialize. i was worried that i wouldn’t find anyone i connected with or wanted to be around. but fast forward a few months later and i am surrounded by strong, intelligent, beautiful women that i can’t imagine my life without.

i learned about myself. as winter came and went i found myself being extremely sensitive to the weather (a condition know as seasonal affective disorder). rare moments of sun had me feeling on top of the world. but the constant grey and gloom was sucking the life out of me. purchasing a happy light, which i had previously assumed was witchcraft, made such a big difference! definitely recommend one to anyone that feels the winter blues.

i made decisions. tough ones, actually. i left a long relationship that had been silently wearing me down. i allowed toxic people to leave my life. and i changed my major for the eighth time.

yup, you read that right. after two full quarters studying kinesiology, i realized i despised it. i absolutely dreaded the idea of taking biomechanics and motor development classes. i had to admit to myself that, yet again, i was on the wrong path.

it took courage to decide i wanted to study psychology. i’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars at spu, only to realize i needed to transfer. i’ll be leaving spu at the end of spring quarter to transfer to the bellevue branch of ewu. they have an incredible psychology program; i’m currently considering being a counselor at an alternative middle or high school, or possibly a counselor at a juvenile correction facility. emphasis on currently. 🙂

i was terrified to tell my parents that i should leave spu. i felt like a failure for changing my major and transferring to my fourth school just to complete a single degree. but the love and support shown to me by my family and friends helped me realize that the common path isn’t always the right path. though i am wandering, i am not lost.

i guess that’s ultimately what this post comes down to. i want it to serve as a reminder to those suffering that your life doesn’t have to be identical to those around you to be valid. life is too short to spend your time pleasing others or trying to live up to some bogus standards. be happy, be healthy, be kind. all else will fall into place.

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